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Julia approaches any project - however large or small - with an unrivalled wealth of experience and a zealous enthusiasm. Her strategic foresight and results-driven approach, means she never loses sight of the end goal, whilst demonstrating a conscientious style and a healthy dose of pragmatism and practical reality.
Angie Wiles
Joint CEO, Virgo HEALTH PR

From my 20+ years experience in the industry I see Julia Cook as adding what is very rare in today's service industry - a commanding view of strategy coupled with a remarkable talent for effectively managing the detail, and all done with consummate professionalism. She's a rare beast and will always add value to projects she works on.
Stuart Rose
Managing Director, Merz Pharma UK Ltd.

I've worked with Julia over a number of years, both when she was MD of Lowe Fusion and latterly in her independent capacity. I myself have risen from Product Manager through senior international roles to my current position of agency MD during that time. However, I have found the same personal qualities and undoubted experience useful to both me and my business throughout. StepBack is a very apt description for one who's always helped me look at the big strategic picture whilst ensuring that NOTHING slips through the net - always providing helpful and appropriate prompts in the nicest possible way.
David Youds
Managing Director, Bedrock Healthcare Communications

I have worked with Julia Cook over a number of years firstly whilst I was Director of Marketing at Schering Health Care and latterly in my role as Director of Services for the MS Trust. Whilst the objectives of the two organisations have been different Julia has always approached every project with creativity, strategic vision and commitment. She has excelled at developing good working relationships between various parties to achieve desired objectives.
Nicola Russell
MS Trust

Julia & I worked on a project together at the same client. Julia is a regular "dynamo" with bags of energy plus the right mix of enthusiasm and experience to deliver the most appropriate communication solutions for the client's brand. She has an instant rapport with Key Opinion Leaders and is generally a great team player. I would highly commend her work to any prospective client.
Roy Carlisle
Managing Director, PharmaSolutions Ltd (via LinkedIn)

I worked with StepBack / Julia for three years, both on general communications issues and on one very large and complex project. Julia's blend of experience and project management skills have helped us tremendously, enabling us to organize our efforts, prioritize activity and keep a track on complex project plans. Her knowledge and experience of communications and the pharmaceutical industry are undoubted, but also blended with great personal skills which get the most out of people and situations.
Dominic Atkins
Director of Commercial Operations Europe/Asia, Santhera Pharmaceuticals